Vernon Dawson

Willpower and Self-Discipline

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People with higher willpower and self-discipline tend to have a better fitness level, happier than average people, get better scores in tests and make more money. The chances of achieving personal goals are much higher if you have better self-discipline and higher willpower. The opposite is true for all those people who lack these qualities. You tend to see these people get discouraged in the path of following their goals, after a single negative result or some steps in the wrong direction. They treat these mistakes as the end of the world and take decisions which lead to an unsatisfied life. But there is question which you may ask now: are there methods to increase your willpower and self-discipline? The book Willpower and Self-Discipline: 10 Methods to Increase You Willpower is here to help you.
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    Whenever you lose, don't lose the lesson
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    When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

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