Gareth Malone’s How To Enjoy Classical Music: HCNF (Collins Shorts, Book 5), Gareth Malone
Gareth Malone

Gareth Malone’s How To Enjoy Classical Music: HCNF (Collins Shorts, Book 5)

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Collins Shorts – insight in an instant.
There’s more to classical music than Beethoven’s Fifth, but where to start? Gareth Malone, the charismatic TV choirmaster, gives you some easy tips on how to appreciate a whole new world of music.
Collins Shorts are a fresh look at the ebook short, with the emphasis on vibrant design, animated content and expert authors who can provide accessible insight. They satisfy your thirst for knowledge without the need for time commitment.
This ebook will work on all e-readers but delivers its full punch on devices that support colour and animation. Please note the extent is between 20 to 40 pages, depending on your settings.
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Set yourself a target: ask yourself these questions:

Is there an era of history that you are interested in that might offer a good starting point for musical exploration?

Is there a piece you like by a composer who you’d like to know more about?

Is there a composer you’ve heard of but have never listened to?

Is there a piece of classical music used in a film or on television that you remember enjoying?

Is there a particular instrument you love the sound of?
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Knowing that Bach was a devoutly religious man explains the serious nature of his composition. Knowing that Beethoven had a fiery personality tells you so much about his music, especially the furious pieces written after he became deaf.
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