A Rule of Queens (Book #13 in the Sorcerer's Ring), Morgan Rice
Morgan Rice

A Rule of Queens (Book #13 in the Sorcerer's Ring)

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“THE SORCERER’S RING has all the ingredients for an instant success: plots, counterplots, mystery, valiant knights, and blossoming relationships replete with broken hearts, deception and betrayal. It will keep you entertained for hours, and will satisfy all ages. Recommended for the permanent library of all fantasy readers.” --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto MattosA RULE OF QUEENS is Book #13 in the Bestselling series THE SORCERER'S RING, which begins with A QUEST OF HEROES (book #1). In A RULE OF QUEENS, Gwendolyn leads the remains of her nation in exile, as they sail into the hostile harbors of the Empire. Taken in by Sandara’s people, they try to recover in hiding, to build a new home in the shadows of Volusia. Thor, determined to rescue Guwayne, continues with his Legion brothers on his quest far across the sea, to the massive caves that herald the Land of the Spirits, encountering unthinkable monsters and exotic landscapes. In the Southern Isles, Alistair sacrifices herself for Erec—and yet an unexpected twist might just save them both. Darius risks it all to save the love of his life, Loti, even if he must face the Empire alone. But his conflict with the Empire, he will find, is just beginning. And Volusia continues her rise, after her assassination of Romulus, to consolidate her hold on the Empire and become the ruthless queen she was meant to be. Will Gwen and her people survive? Will Guwayne be found? Will Alistair and Erec live? Will Darius rescue Loti? Will Thorgrin and his brothers survive? With its sophisticated world-building and characterization, A RULE OF QUEENS is an epic tale of friends and lovers, of rivals and suitors, of knights and dragons, of intrigues and political machinations, of coming of age, of broken hearts, of deception, ambition and betrayal. It is a tale of honor and courage, of fate and destiny, of sorcery. It is a fantasy that brings us into a world we will never forget, and which will appeal to all ages and genders. “Grabbed my attention from the beginning and did not let go….This story is an amazing adventure that is fast paced and action packed from the very beginning. There is not a dull moment to be found.” --Paranormal Romance Guild {regarding Turned}
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A Rule of Queens (Book #13 in the Sorcerer's Ring), Morgan Rice
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Dongan Sahataje citiraoпрошлог месеца
“What is it?” Indra asked. “We can’t control the boat.”

“They sometimes pass through the Upper Isles,” Matus explained. “I have never seen them myself, but I have heard about them, especially this far north. They are a riptide. Once you’re caught in them, they take you where they please. No matter how much rowing or sailing you try to do.”

Thor looked down, and saw the water below them rushing by at twice the speed. He looked out and saw they were heading toward a new, empty horizon, purple and white clouds spotting the sky, both beautiful and foreboding.

“But we’re heading east now,” Reece said, “and we need to head west. All of our people are west. The Empire is west.”

Matus shrugged.

“We head where the tides take us.”

Thor looked out in wonder and frustration, realizing that each passing moment was taking them further from Gwendolyn, further from their people.

“And where does it end?” O’Connor asked.

Matus shrugged.

“I know only the Upper Isles,” he said. “I have never been this far north. I know nothing of what lies beyond.”

“It does end,” Reece spoke up, darkly, and all eyes turned to him.

Reece looked back, grave.

“I was tutored on the tides years ago, at a young age. In the ancient book of Kings, we had an array of maps, covering every portion of the world. The Northern Tides lead to the eastern edge of the world.”

“The eastern edge?” Elden said, concern in his voice. “We’d be on the other end of the world from our people.”

Reece shrugged.

“The books were ancient, and I was young. All I really remember was that the tides were a portal to the Land of Spirits.”

Thor looked at Reece, wondering.

“Old wives’ tales and fairytales,” O’Connor said. “There is no portal to the Land of Spirits. It was sealed off centuries ago, before our fathers walked the earth.”

Reece shrugged, and they all fell silent as they turned and stared out at the seas. Thor examined the fast-moving waters, and he wondered: Where on earth were they being lead?

"Apa itu?" Indra bertanya. "Kami tidak bisa mengendalikan perahu."

"Mereka kadang-kadang melewati Kepulauan Atas," Matus menjelaskan. " Saya belum pernah melihat mereka sendiri, tapi saya telah mendengar tentang mereka, terutama ini jauh di utara. Mereka adalah riptide. Setelah Anda tertangkap di dalamnya, mereka membawa Anda di mana mereka silahkan. Tidak peduli berapa banyak mendayung atau berlayar Anda mencoba untuk melakukan. "

Thor melihat ke bawah, dan melihat air di bawah mereka bergegas dengan dua kali kecepatan. Dia melihat ke luar dan melihat mereka menuju ke cakrawala yang baru, kosong, ungu dan putih awan bercak langit, baik indah dan foreboding.

"Tapi kami sedang menuju timur sekarang," Reece berkata, " dan kami perlu menuju ke barat. Semua orang kita di barat. Kekaisaran adalah barat. "

Matus shrugged.

"Kami kepala di mana tides mengambil kami."

Thor melihat ke luar dalam bertanya-tanya dan frustrasi, menyadari bahwa setiap saat yang lewat adalah mengambil mereka lebih jauh dari Gwendolyn, lebih jauh dari orang-orang mereka.

"Dan di mana itu berakhir?" O ' Connor bertanya.

Matus shrugged.

"Saya tahu hanya Pulau Atas," katanya. " Aku belum pernah sejauh ini ke utara. Aku tidak tahu apa-apa tentang apa yang ada di luar. "

"Ini tidak berakhir," Reece berbicara, gelap, dan semua mata berbalik kepadanya.

Reece menengok ke belakang, kuburan.

" Saya diajari pasang surut beberapa tahun yang lalu, pada usia muda. Dalam kitab kuno Raja-Raja, kami memiliki susunan peta, meliputi setiap bagian dari dunia. The Northern Tides mengarah ke ujung timur dunia. "

"Tepi timur?" Elden mengatakan, perhatian dalam suaranya. "Kita akan berada di ujung dunia lain dari rakyat kita."

Reece shrugged.

" Buku-buku itu kuno, dan aku masih muda. Yang benar-benar saya ingat adalah bahwa pasang surut adalah sebuah portal ke Tanah Spirits. "

Thor melihat Reece, bertanya-tanya.

"Kisah para istri lama dan dongeng," O ' Connor mengatakan. " Tidak ada portal ke Tanah Spirits. Itu disegel berabad-abad yang lalu, sebelum ayah kita berjalan di bumi. "

Reece mengangkat bahu, dan mereka semua jatuh diam saat mereka berbalik dan menatap keluar di laut. Thor memeriksa air yang bergerak cepat, dan ia bertanya-tanya: Di mana mereka berada di bumi?

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