Robin Sacredfire

The Transitional Code: A Key to Miracles, Dreams and Unlimited Abundance

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What if you could have everything you ever wished by simply changing the way you think about life?
The stars and the sun are the same for everyone, and so are the opportunities in life.
This is the main principle of the book which will guide you into understanding that all you need in order to transform your life and obtain all you want is a slight transformation in your personal believes.
Become, know-it and then have all you want!
With these simple rules you can actually become all you want and they are also the ones behind whom you have become.
Understanding how they work is what will guarantee you a new life-style, whatever is your present condition in life.
This book will not only explain how these rules apply to rich people but also poor people, as even a beggar can make more money if following them.
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