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Kristen McLean
Kristen McLean
For the hard workers
From Gutenberg's invention of the printing press, to Tim Berners-Lee's invention of the internet, the technology behind publishing and bringing content to people has changed entire societies with each new innovation. Michael Bhaskar's The Content Machine brings the grand sweep of this story into one book, and the result is fascinating - essential reading for anyone who wants to make sense of the modern world.
Where it all starts. Think you have what it takes?
When we think of Lean & Agile, most people think only of product development. It is even MORE IMPORTANT to apply these ideas to company building & strategy. How do we measure effectiveness so we spend our efforts widely & test our assumptions? This book gets right to it.
Sometimes we're so in the weeds we forget we need to pull back & look at the 30,000 view. Every good business, new and established, needs a killer strategy, and it's up to you to provide it.
Google is all about thinking differently, and thinking big. Google brings an approach of constant innovation and entrepreneurship while utilizing powerful technology to change the way we access information. It's an inspiring - if sometimes slightly scary! - role model . WWGD?
Making sales pitches is at the core of being an entrepreneur, but it's not easy. The good news is you can get better at it with practice. Use this guide to help you build your chops and your business.
iSell, Leigh Ashton
Leigh Ashton
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In consumer-facing businesses, putting the customer first is the number one priority. Turning the Pyramid Upside Down is all about how to do that at every level of your business.
An extremely useful guide on protecting your intellectual property, so you can benefit from your hard work and invention.
An essential for any entrepreneur and inventor, Innovation Navigation sets out a roadmap to achieve steps of innovation that leads to breakthroughs.
Tough problems require creative solutions. It takes imagination, but imagination can be aided by rigour.
We have a responsibility to innovate because it's never been easier and because it makes people's lives better!
How do you innovate when time is short and resources are low? Frugal Innovation is a great book that points you in the right direction.
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