Graham Allcott

Introducing Productivity

To do: 
take the stress out of work
defeat ‘information overload’ 
be more efficient.  

Whether you are overwhelmed by your to-do list, or get stressed just looking at your full inbox, this Practical Guide from productivity expert Graham Allcott reveals how to think, and act, more productively and to start loving work.

Following a simple A-Z of expert tips and real-life examples, you will learn to improve your focus, regain control, and feel cool, calm and collected.
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    Andrés Silverio Guzmánje podelio/la utisakпрошлог месеца
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    I never thought I would find so much inspiration and a ton of utilities from this book. This books prepares you to be well equipped from A to Z and to start doing changes from page 1.

    b8105481356je podelio/la utisakпре 4 месеца
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    Павел Кузнецовje citiraoпре 4 године
    So, we’d rather do anything else in the world than do the thing that matters, precisely because it’s the thing that matters
    Precious Yeesufje citiraoпре 2 месеца
    our attention is a more limited resource than your time
    Tatyana Shevchenkoje citiraoпре 3 месеца
    The new mindset of knowledge work

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