Introducing Emotional Intelligence: A Practical Guide, David Walton
David Walton

Introducing Emotional Intelligence: A Practical Guide

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An INTRODUCING PRACTICAL GUIDE to effectively understanding oneself and others. Emotional intelligence is the innate potential to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, describe, identify, learn from, manage, understand and explain emotions. Increasingly it is seen that people who have a higher level of emotional intelligence do better at work in all sorts of fields and in relationships from marriage to casual friends. This INTRODUCING PRACTICAL GUIDE both explores what Emotional Intelligence is all about and how you can cultivate a higher EI for yourself.
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Like many people, these individuals are all struggling with situations and difficulties which are troubling to different degrees. At first sight, it seems as though logic, rational decision-making and perhaps good common sense are the answer – in theory, that is. But these examples come from the real world. Anthony, Sue and the others are real people. And that means they aren’t always logical. They don’t always use rational decision-making, or common sense, for that matter.
Instincts, feelings and personal values take over and become a major part of the dilemmas facing our four people. Conflict between our thinking and our feelings makes things complicated. Gut instincts or intuition rely a great deal on emotion and feelings. The real world is a place where both feelings and instincts are major influences on our behaviour.
Anthony for example is having difficulty resisting temptation. He could wait for a lot more money – his logic might tell him – but the demands made by his emotions are in conflict with this. What actually happened was that, as usual, he gave way to his emotions and cashed in his savings bond. A year later he was in dire financial circumstances – not just because of the car, but because the struggle between logic and emotion was always won in the same way.
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keeping feelings sufficiently in control so that we can act effectivel
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As the idea has been explored and different models developed, it has become one of the most talked-about ideas in popular psychology, industrial training, in management, education and social care. Emotional intelligence has been touted as an explanation of what your brain does, a means to achieve your goals, a basis for improving your family life and relationships, improving your job prospects and being more successful at work.
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