Christopher Krovatin

Chris Krovatin here. I'm an author ('Heavy Metal & You', 'Venomous', and the 'Gravediggers' series), an actor, a metalhead, and a New Yorker. I'm also a journalist for multiple heavy metal press outfits, specifically Revolver Magazine, Invisible Oranges, and MetalSucks. I scream for a local New York doom-metal band named Flaming Tusk; call me Stolas Trephinator. My favorite musicians are Slayer and Frank Sinatra, and my favorite food is gnocchi (it's made of potatoes!). I currently live in Brooklyn, where my life is a haze of records, weird toys, craft beer, and beautiful women. Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @chriskrovatin, and drop me a line about horror, metal, writing, reading, or life at large.
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