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Rob Aspinall

Walk Away

Revenge is a dish best served bloody.

An old friend is brutally murdered. The police don't have a clue.

Enter Charlie Cobb. Back on the mean streets of Manchester and on the hunt of a savage killer.

Charlie's hot on the man's trail. But there are three big problems. One, the murderer is protected by a powerful underworld boss. Two, a disposed Russian kingpin wants him dead. And three, Charlie must babysit a five-year-old in the process.

As he revisits old haunts and old memories, Charlie must finally decide what kind of a man he really is — and just how badly he wants revenge.

The fifth in the gritty, funny thriller series, let this action-packed NOVELLA lead you deeper and darker into Charlie's world.

Contains violence and bad language — not for the faint of heart.
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Rob Aspinall
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