Rob Aspinall

Death & Back

How far would you go to save a stranger?

For Charlie Cobb, it may be all the way to the grave

Meet the tough British antihero perfect for fans of Jon Mills, Mark Dawson or James P. Sumner.

After burning his bridges in his native Manchester, UK, the ex-mafia fixer heads to London with a price on his head.

A job driving a truck is a good way to lay low—and stay on the straight and narrow. Yet it soon lures Charlie into a deadly trap that leaves him fighting for his life.

Amira is seeking a new start, too, travelling thousands of perilous miles, in search of a safe haven. But just like Charlie, she stumbles into a terrifying web of human crimes, run by a vicious mafia network with serious connections.

In this hotly anticipated follow-up to BREAKER, Charlie's skills and courage will be tested to the extreme on a one-man suicide mission to save a stranger's life.

Just don't get in his way.

The Charlie Cobb series of action thrillers delivers a breathless blend of action, dark humour and vigilante justice. All with a gritty twist of suspense.

Contains violence and some bad language.
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Rob Aspinall
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