Emily Larkin

The Spinster’s Secret

A demure spinster, a battle-scarred officer, a scandalous secret … and some of the worst food in England!

Matilda Chapple is orphaned, penniless, and dependent on her uncle’s meager charity—but she’s finally found a way to earn her livelihood. With the help of an old diary and a lurid novel she’ll write her way to financial independence!

When Mattie pens a series of racy short stories, she starts earning money … and notoriety. Her secret is safe—until battle-scarred Waterloo veteran, Edward Kane, agrees to uncover the anonymous author’s identity.

Can Mattie conceal the secret of her scandalous writings, or will Edward discover that the respectable spinster and the risqué authoress are one and the same person?

A sensual and deeply emotional Regency romance from award-winning and USA Today bestselling author Emily Larkin.

Length: A full-length novel of 71,000 words

Heat level: A Regency romance with steamy love scenes

If you love richly detailed historical romances brimming with passion, humor, emotion, and compelling characters, then this is the novel for you!

(The Spinster’s Secret is the second book in the Midnight Quill Trio, but may be read as a standalone.)
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Emily Larkin
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