Creative Writing: the Quick Matrix, Susan Lee Kerr
Susan Lee Kerr

Creative Writing: the Quick Matrix

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Creative Writing: the Quick Matrix is for writers teaching creative writing to adults. Can be adapted by any teacher for many levels of creative writing, and by writers' circles and individual writers.The 86 exercises and 18 mini-lectures selected from the original paperback are arranged in five sections in easy to use ebook format. Nurture and Running the Course include planning, pacing, supporting the group (and the tutor) plus guidelines for non-destructive workshopping. Stimulus features over 30 exercises and methods to light the creative spark plus five zero-preparation exercises for the tutor in need. Craft covers another 34 exercises for honing skills, including story-starters, character, p.o.v., dialogue, scene, plot, richer writing. Process offers tools to help break through procrastination and live the writing life.PRAISE FOR the original paperback CREATIVE WRITING: THE MATRIX, Exercises & Ideas for Creative Writing Teachers.‘This inspiring book is jam-packed with writing exercises and full of tips for teaching creative writing. It's making my class preparation/delivery a cinch… If you teach creative writing – or you're interested in learning more about the craft of writing as a writer yourself – this book comes highly recommended! — Amazon review by Hellymart ‘Kerr's ideas are inventive, sparkling, and inspiring and she comes up with many useful solutions to commonly encountered problems… The activities suggested are designed to awaken and stimulate a creative writing spirit among students and are suitable for both beginners and more advanced writers… Kerr leads potential teachers through all stages of the teaching process…’ — Zuzanna Bartoszewska in Writing in Education, the journal of National Association of Writers in Education‘Very easy to use, this book is packed full of good ideas that work very well even for small groups… this book has been a great confidence booster; definitely one to keep in your box of tricks.’ — Amazon review by Cassandra ‘a very helpful manual for those involved in creative writing and workshops… great thoroughness and sensitivity… I now feel I am not alone.’ — Kate Nivison, Women Writers Network News
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