Creative Guide To Journal Writing, Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson

Creative Guide To Journal Writing

The Creative Guide to Journal Writing is a personal gateway to developing a journal of your own; interlaced with private thoughts, ideas, stories, and the ramblings of life. Once you get the journal “habit” – and experience the immense personal satisfaction it brings – you will discover your journal is an essential part of your life. Your journal will provide you with insights into “hang-ups” and stumbling blocks to success, unravel the essence of dreams, and afford you a sometimes turbulent path to reveal your hidden fears and secret desires.

The Creative Guide to Journal Writing is a unique approach to this proven channel to personal growth. Found within its pages is a simplified method for keeping a journal. One showing that it is not only easy to write your own journal, but it’s also a wonderful process for tapping your hidden creative powers. With the assistance of eleven simple exercises, designed to aid in the writing process, the Creative Guide to Journal Writing will support you in analyzing the patterns of behavior in your life; help you overcome “writers block”; and craft within you a more creative and perceptive person.
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ViktoriaWildRoseje podelio/la utisakпре 2 године
👍Vredna čitanja
🎯Vredna čitanja

The book contains many deep thoughts.

b2801023997je podelio/la utisakпре 2 године
🎯Vredna čitanja

Inspiring and worthwhile!

Ольга Алексеева
Ольга Алексееваje podelio/la utisakпре 4 године
🎯Vredna čitanja

Очень понравилось! Вдохновляющее практическое руководство для желающих вести личные дневники, а также для начинающих писателей.


Александра Андреева
Александра Андрееваje citiralaпрошлог месеца
The beginning is always now, the present moment.
Stasya Z
Stasya Zje citiraoпре 2 месеца
beauty of keeping a journal is not being judged by someone else and most importantly not being judged by yourself. It’s a relationship between your conscious mind and your unconscious self. It’s like drilling for oil; you have to prime the pump to get to what lies
Jo Bell
Jo Bellje citiraoпре 3 месеца
Keeping a journal isn’t an artistic process where you have to color between the lines and make sure the paragraphs all line up and the words are spelled correctly. It’s similar to throwing paint on a blank canvas and seeing what you get.

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