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From Product Management To Product Leadership

From Product Management to Product Leadership: The Advanced Use Cases takes on the critical organization role of Product Management with forwards by product and service leaders Flint Brenton, Rodrigo Flores and Dan Cohen. Building upon Silicon Valley lessons in leading Product Management organizations, the book’s narrative reveals the hidden thinking that links business strategy to its successful execution. The book is organized into 5 chapters including:  Advanced Thinking in Product Management, The Leadership Challenge in External Interactions, Leading with Technology and Channel Partners, Mergers and Acquisitions – The Product Angle and Product Portfolio Management, and How to Achieve Long Term Success. The reader will gain from several experts in the field, as they recall successes, challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls they have experienced and witnessed in their collective experiences. From exploring business philosophy to gleaning pragmatic tips, readers will experience a novel approach as they hone their product leadership skills.
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Wayne Greene

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    Products have life-cycles and lifetimes.
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    make challenging goals and a roadmap to achieve them; set the cadence for the product teams; draft the core competencies that your company has developed for its other businesses; apply more pressure when you find you’re facing an uphill climb. Most of all, enjoy the ride!
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    In fact, I have experienced organizations that hired primarily for strategic vision (and lots of MBAs are on the short list for job interviews at these organizations). Over time, this creates organizations that primarily promote people who develop big ideas and communicate them extremely well in PowerPoint. Do not, however, ask these people about the details of the product architecture or how their customers use the product. You will be gravely disappointed. I have also been in organizations where all they hired were doers. This is fantastic for the model of fire, fire, and then aim. A great deal gets done, but little in the realm of improving the prospects of the product or the portfolio in those organizations.

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