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Joseph Murphy

Magic of Faith

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Here is the law: I am that which I feel myself to be. Practice changing the feeling of I every day by affirming: I am Spirit; I think, see, feel, and live as Spirit, the Presence of God.
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  • Amit Visheje citiraoпре 2 године
    Infinite Intelligence and Divine Wisdom make all decisions through me. There is only right action taking place in our life.
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    She remained in a quiet, passive state; she got into the mood or feeling that there was a solution for her boy-friend, and went off to sleep, dwelling on the following, wonderful words of truth: “I stand still, and I see the salvation of the Lord.” This young girl knew that the saviour was in her own faith; she turned her eyes to the hills; these hills are always of an inner range; they are the hills of faith and trust in God which moves mountains. Reject mentally all sense-evidence, and look into the eyes of your saviour; this means to live in the emotional embodiment of your desire or ideal.
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    over again like a lullaby until you feel the naturalness and reality of it. (This latter procedure is suggested by the New Nancy School. See Bau-douin’s Book, Auto-Suggestion.)

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