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Amelia Grey

Duke to Die For

What is a roguish young nobleman supposed to do with a shockingly lovely young ward? The Duke of Blakewell believes he'd better marry her off as soon as possible, before he gives in to temptation himself… But Henrietta doesn't want a husband she wants her independence… Sure that she carries a curse that killed her previous guardians, Henrietta just wants the duke to sign over her inheritance before something terrible befalls him… In a moment of passion, they become scandalously entangled, and suddenly the duke must take Henrietta's curse seriously, and she must take drastic measures to save the one man she could love… Praise for Amelia Grey's Regency romances: Affaire de Coeur: "e;Each new Amelia Grey tale is a diamond. Ms. Grey… is a master storyteller."e; Booklist: "e;Witty dialogue and clever schemes… Grey's vivid characters will charm readers."e; Romantic Times: "e;This beguiling romance steals your heart, lifts your spirits, and lights up the pages with humor and passion."e; Library Journal: "e;Readers will be quickly drawn in by the lively pace, the appealing protagonists, and the sexual chemistry that almost visibly shimmers between."e; Rendezvous: "e;Such a tantalizing and funny read, you won't be able to put it down."e; A Romance Review: "e;If you like Amanda Quick, you will absolutely love Amelia Grey… Fun, fast-paced, and very sensual."e;
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