Rob Aspinall

The Holdup

‘How the hell did I get here? And what the hell have I done?’

Grab the third in the action-packed series perfect for fans of Lee Child, Mark Dawson and Jon Mills.

You wake up at the wheel of a crashed car. Your head hurts like crazy. There’s a dead guy in the passenger seat wearing a mask. Another one dying in the back clinging to a rifle and a bag of stolen money.

Worse still, you’re in the middle of the Arizona desert, vultures circling, hotter than hell.

You remember who you are, but not how you got here. You only know you’ve got to flee the scene, bury that money. To get out of the small town of Rattlesnake you find yourself wandering into.

But the plucky local sheriff isn’t letting you go that easy. Neither are the mysterious people you stole the money from. And then there’s the oil giant bullying the town into submission. Suddenly you’re caught up in the middle, a big red bulls eye on your back and a notorious hitman on your tail.

You’ve got hours to remember. And only a few days to live. Can you save yourself? Can you save the town?

If you like tense action, dark humour and plenty of twists and turns, join ex-mafia fixer Charlie Cobb as he cleans up the streets in his own brutally unique way.

Contains violence and strong language.
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Rob Aspinall
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