Amelia Wood


This is A Biker Secret Baby Romance

Butch had been in love, once, just as everyone around him seemed to be. He had the woman of his dreams, but unfortunate events tore him away. Spending four years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit, Butch has given up on rekindling that relationship. After all, it’s been ten years, now— nearly eleven— and he’d never seen her again. Surely, she forgot about him. Surely, he’d lost her.

Katarina, though, has never forgotten even though life had gotten out of hand for her. Now 35, she’s no longer afraid of the instant attraction she had for Butch, but she’s in the same boat as him. However, a second chance can’t happen if she’s casually dating someone, so her first step is to break up with that person.

But things get out of control real hard, real fast when the bar Katarina goes to break up is the very same bar that Butch works— and that attraction from ten years ago has only grown wiser and more certain.

20,000 words (Standalone) with beautiful HEA (with no cheating) and NO Cliffhangers!
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