Abby Green

When Falcone's World Stops Turning

{"strong"=>["She has the power to change everything…"]}
Rafaele Falcone runs his luxury auto empire and his private life with the same ice-cold ruthlessness. Emotions play no part in his decisions and he always demands the best — so he doesn’t hesitate to ask brilliant engineer Samantha Rourke to join his company, even though he walked away from her years before.
That sexy Italian accent still sends shivers down her spine, but gutsy Sam knows it’s not just about her impossible desire to feel his hands on her body once again. Because Falcone is about to discover her deepest secret — one that will send his world into a spin!
‘Breathtaking writing, I can’t get enough of Abby Green’s characters!’ — Veronica, 45, Lampeter
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