Rob Aspinall

Rebel Elite

Only she can save the world, but can she save herself?

“Mission Impossible in book form.” (Netgalley review)

Betrayed, captured and left to rot in a Siberian prison by her country. The future looks bleak for Sam Driver, the CIA’s former top terrorist hunter.

Yet when embassy bombings push the US and Russia to the brink of nuclear war, a cabal of rogue UN ambassadors hatch a plan to expose the true culprits in a last-gasp effort to avert the apocalypse.

A ragtag international team is assembled. Disavowed spies, assassins and soldiers pulled out of their foreign jails. Yet some are bitter enemies. Others feared mercenaries. And all with an axe to grind.

Can they be trusted with the fate of the world?

Leading the mission, Driver is perhaps the most troubled soul. And when her past comes back to haunt her, those very same demons threaten to doom us all.

Rebel Elite is the first pulsating thriller in the Sam Driver series, perfect for fans of Lee Child and David Baldacci.
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Rob Aspinall
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