Rob Aspinall

Made of Fire

Left for dead in totally the wrong shoes.

Lorna's 17th birthday could be her last.

Since the destruction of the deadly Spider's Web in Alaska, things have been going well for she and Philippe.

Working as a team, they're taking JPAC down, one piece at a time. But a new boss at the helm spells fresh danger for the pair. Fresh hell, too.

Stranded in one of the most dangerous places on Earth, Lorna must use all her grit and wit to survive.

But with the clock ticking, she'll also have to escort a mysterious JPAC defector to safety too.

Easier said than done when everyone wants you dead.

From Dubai to New York, Uzbekistan to Mexico, Made of Fire will keep you on the edge of your seat — and then knock you firmly off it.

Recommended for ages 16+. Not for the faint-hearted. Read books 1–3 first.

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Rob Aspinall
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