Create, Convince, Connect. Fundamentals of Advertising, Branding and Communication, Jorg Dietzel
Jorg Dietzel

Create, Convince, Connect. Fundamentals of Advertising, Branding and Communication

Create, Connect, Convince is for people who are interested in a career in Advertising or those who have to deal with Advertising matters as part of their work scope, whether they sit on the agency or client fence. The author examines 10 international brands, and how media and stunning ideas helped to get the message across.Also featured are observations from 10 agency practitioners in Asia and beyond, such as Sir John Hegarty, founder of Bartle Boyle Hegarty, the immensely successful London-based agency that created memorable campaigns for Audi, Levis and Coke. These insights are written by industry friends of the author, giving the book insider views of the tricks of the trade and what makes campaigns tick.
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