Statistics, Borin Van Loon, Eileen Magnello
Borin Van Loon,Eileen Magnello


From the medicine we take, the treatments we receive, the aptitude and psychometric tests given by employers, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear to even the beer we drink, statistics have given shape to the world we inhabit. For the media, statistics are routinely 'damning', 'horrifying', or, occasionally, 'encouraging'. Yet, for all their ubiquity, most of us really don't know what to make of statistics. Exploring the history, mathematics, philosophy and practical use of statistics, Eileen Magnello – accompanied by Bill Mayblin's intelligent graphic illustration – traces the rise of statistics from the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and Chinese, to the censuses of Romans and the Greeks, and the modern emergence of the term itself in Europe. She explores the 'vital statistics' of, in particular, William Farr, and the mathematical statistics of Karl Pearson and R.A. Fisher.She even tells how knowledge of statistics can prolong one's life, as it did for evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould, given eight months to live after a cancer diagnoses in 1982 – and he lived until 2002. This title offers an enjoyable, surprise-filled tour through a subject that is both fascinating and crucial to understanding our world.
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Ekaterina Staroverova
Ekaterina Staroverovaje citiralaпрошле године
My graph not only dramatized the extent of the needless deaths during the war, but it also persuaded the medical profession that deaths were preventable if sanitation reforms were implemented in hospitals
Andri Ariyanto
Andri Ariyantoje citiraoпрошле године
Demography deals with the size, conditions, structure and movement of populations as well as the vital statistics of birth, marriage and death to describe those populations.
Oksana Shishkina
Oksana Shishkinaje citiralaпре 3 године
There are different approaches to probability:
1. Subjective
2. Games of chance
3. Mathematical
4. Relative frequency
5. Bayesian
With six main probability distributions:
1. Binomial distribution
2. Poisson distribution
3. Normal distribution

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