Barbara Cartland

Looking For Love

Left penniless by the death of her beloved parents, shy, naïve and unassumingly lovely Gilda Wyngate is bemused when her glamorous but spoilt sister, Heloise, arrives unexpectedly at the family’s country Manor House full of talk about London’s Social world. And the good-looking and rich Marquis of Staverton, whom she is determined to ensnare in marriage so that she can fulfil her ambitions and become a Marchioness.Sadly it is not to be. When poor Gilda finds her sister dead in the morning after taking too much laudanum to make her sleep, she sees a way out of the dreadful poverty she faces. She takes Helouise’s place, her glamorous London life and her home in Mayfair with her blind but generous Godmother, Lady Neyland.After all the two sisters had always looked remarkably alike. So who would ever notice?Little does she know that her kind heart will soon give her away. Little does she know that, in assuming her sister’s identity, she is also taking on a terrible crime, punishable by death or that the hateful Marquis, whom she has heard so much about, could be so overwhelmingly handsome and magnificent that he takes her breath away.Little does she realise that out of all her troubles true love will suddenly find her out of the blue and she will finally be enveloped in the happiness that has always eluded her.
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