The Natural Creative Process in Writing: A Core Writing and Editing Handbook for Everyone, Russell Henry de la Porte
Russell Henry de la Porte

The Natural Creative Process in Writing: A Core Writing and Editing Handbook for Everyone

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The Natural Creative Process in Writing: A Core Writing and Editing Handbook for Everyone takes you through the process of writing any text – including documents and books – from start to finish. The underlying natural creative process is the same for writing fiction (novels, novellas, short-stories, plays, poems, film scripts) and non-fiction (such as, blogs, essays, letters, emails, theses, dissertations, reports, proposals, viability studies, feasibility studies, impact studies, business plans, cookery books, memoirs, autobiographies).

In this handbook, experienced writer and copy-editor Russell de la Porte presents a detailed description of the psychology of the natural creative process. His observations synthesize the different states of mind that correspond with the stages of the natural creative process. These are linked to the appropriate brain modes that are activated during each stage and state.
Managing yourself in the writing process – as just one kind of natural creative process – is easiest with an understanding of your natural mind-state and brain-mode disposition. Hence, this writing handbook also deals with self-management during the natural creative process, as a vital aspect of starting and concluding your writing projects.

A set of useful, effective and stage-appropriate writing tools makes this a comprehensive writing companion for everyone – including, academics, artists, businesspeople, students, parents and writers – at work and at play. Comprehensive addenda will aid those needing information on English language structuring conventions (grammar) and punctuation.
If writing is a key part of your work and your life, or if you create using words, this book will enhance your creativity, your work and your writing, and enrich your life.
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For many of us, the attitude and behaviour proposed in the natural creative process method of writing runs counter to the training that we received at school, where we were told to start writing as soon as we were given our topic.
It is important to do the following during the receptive generating and research stage: look, explore, be, take walks in nature (nature is a good stimulus), observe, receive, record.

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