Introducing Psychotherapy, Nigel Benson
Nigel Benson

Introducing Psychotherapy

What is psychotherapy? How can we choose wisely from so much on offer?
This book provides a valuable summary of the main therapies: the “talking cures” of psychoanalysis, behavioral and cognitive techniques, somatic solutions, humanist gestalt and existential approaches, and individual and group therapies.
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Ваня Венберг
Ваня Венбергje citiraoпре 10 месеци
Clinical depression is distinguished from unhappiness caused by grief, which is considered an appropriate response to the loss of a loved person or object, or other clear reasons for unhappiness. Depression is diagnosed only if the depressed mood seems disproportionate to the cause, by being over-long or severe.
Andriy Gazin
Andriy Gazinje citiraoпрошле године
When a powerful passion is aroused, one should deliberately divert one’s attention elsewhere until the agitation calms down, and only then make a judgement as to what to do!
njjjjhgyjje citiralaпре 2 године
The goal of psychoanalysis is a deep-seated modification of personality ... to allow the individual to deal with problems realistically

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