Victoria Blisse,Giselle Renarde,Kathleen Tudor,Tabitha Rayne,Dominic Santi,Heidi Champa,Landon Dixon,Maxim Jakubowski,Kay Jaybee,Fulani,Cynthia Lucas,Mary Borsellino,Catelyn Cash,Alanna Appleton,Cecilia Duvalle,Marlene Yong,Veronica Wilde

Tricks For Kicks

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“Once you start reading you won't be able to put it down.” — Sex Toy Testers

Sometimes, the best sex comes with rewards…

Ever had the urge to pay for your thrills? The characters in this collection have, but it’s not just money that changes hands when these lovers go all the way. Pimps and prostitutes, gigolos and gold-diggers are all to be found enjoying Tricks For Kicks. And let’s not forget the boys and girls of the vice squad, whose intentions are often just as dishonourable as the hookers they’re arresting.

From girls who’ll do anything for that special piece of jewellery to the confessions of the woman running the best little whorehouse in town, here are twenty tales of sex for money — and other benefits.

Sex sells — and just look who’s buying …

Making Her Pay by Veronica Wilde

The last thing Nadia wants on her way out to a girls’ weekend at Lake Tahoe is a flat tyre. Luckily for her, there’s a garage just up ahead, but the owner’s just about to close for the night. Nadia manages to persuade him to fix her flat, but she’s inconvenienced him, and he wants a very erotic payment in return …

Soul of Discretion by Mary Borsellino

She’s the best concierge in town, but she learned everything she knows about discretion from her former life as a high-priced call girl. She claims she’s put her old career behind her, but when gorgeous rock star Liam Lucifer asks for an escort who won’t kiss and tell, she can’t resist the offer to come out of retirement, if only for the night.

Filthy White Dress by Fulani

Chloe doesn’t get the job. What she does get, by way of compensation, is dinner with the mysterious but attractive Dr Vogel. He’s insistent she should wear a white dress, but it’s what he wants her to do while wearing it that’s kinky and slightly surreal. Their unlikely relationship flowers, though, and Chloe finds herself drawn into his colour-coded world.

The Best Handjob in the North by Victoria Blisse

Alison works in a car wash and one day a guy asks her if the boastful sign is true. “Is this the best handjob in the North?” She proves the point to the handsome stranger and he pays for her services. Alison finds the thrill of being paid for sex addictive and arranges to meet him again. This time he’s paying five thousand pounds to fuck her and he promises to give her the orgasm of her life or he will double his fee. It’s a win-win situation she cannot resist.

Mean by Maxim Jakubowski

Cornelia’s been called a slut, a whore and much worse, and she wears the labels with pride. In her exploration of her submissive nature, there’s been nothing she won’t do, no degradation she hasn’t been delighted to suffer. So what could a would-be master possibly ask of her that would make her draw the line?

Party Favour by Catelyn Cash

Maya’s a dancer, not a stripper, but the men who’ve hired her for their stag party aren’t so sure there’s a difference. Their offer of money to perform a naughty, teasing routine for them will make a big difference to her financial situation, but when they keep raising the erotic stakes, how will she respond?

Creamed by Landon Dixon

Was coming in someone’s morning cup of coffee vandalism, assault, or an act of terrorism, or love? That was the throbbing question one frightened fraternity pledge had to contend with, when he was instructed to jerk off into the Dean’s coffee as part of his initiation. Did he have the literal and figurative balls to cream the scheme?

I Am Matilda Jenks by Tabitha Rayne

Hotel waitress Matilda Jenks has a secret life catering for her guests’ more unusual nocturnal requirements. Quiet and overlooked by day, Matilda revels in her role as imperious dominatrix Ms Tilly Spanks, taking pleasure in the fact her unwitting clients will never discover her real identity…

Discretion Required by Heidi Champa

She needed the money, but more than that, she needed him. To tell her what to do, to use her pleasure for his own. To turn her into the willing slut she always wanted to be. It all started with web chats, but it quickly turned into much, much more. Now, she found herself at the gates to his house, ready to take things further than she ever had before. Once she walked through that front door, nothing would ever be the same. Exactly like she wanted.

Airtight by Dominic Santi

Take six horny submarine sailors who are eager to please. Add the equally horny, hot, and much neglected wife of the submarine's Executive Officer — plus a hotel room with one big bed, a cell phone with an excellent camera, and a husband who (we’re told) likes to watch. Flavour with a forgotten anniversary and a photographer with a score to settle. As the old saying goes — “payback’s a bitch”.

Perks of the Job by Kay Jaybee

Badly in need of more cash, Rachel asks her employer for additional hours. Ryan doesn’t have any extra work for her; he does however, have a money earning proposition for her. A proposition which would involve Ryan paying his assistant to share his erotic fantasies via texts and phone calls. Unsure at first, Rachel soon realises that this new opportunity is quickly going to become a thoroughly delicious perk of her job …

Passage to Paradise by Kathleen Tudor

Much as Jenna loves her job in the bakery, the thought of spending a month in Greece is a dream come true, particularly as it will mean time in the company of her favourite customer, Adam. When she tells him she’ll do anything to join him, she doesn’t realise he’ll ask her to please him — and his best friend too

Coming While Going … by Marlene Yong

When Dextra goes to work in Paris, little does she anticipate her extraordinary ‑ and thrilling ‑ encounter with a stranger on a train. Not only is she tempted — very tempted — to break her self-imposed vow of celibacy, but the event results in an unexpected and ironic climax (in every sense of the word).

Show No Mercy by Giselle Renarde

Mercedes and Simon’s sex life was never this good when they were a lovey-dovey couple. Now that he’s paying her for the pleasure, Simon knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to demand it. Mercedes might detest his entitled arrogance, but it arouses her no end. When Simon muses that he always wanted to see Mercedes with bigger boobs and insists she fill her camisole with two giant water balloons, she does as she’s told. Seeing the humungous fake breasts, and feeling their warm pressure against her flesh, she’s ready for anything.

A Discreet Companion by Cecilia Duvalle

Karen and Nick are a happily married couple with an active sex life. The only problem is that Nick was in an accident and is a paraplegic. While he’s able to physically do a lot of what he did before, Karen is clearly wanting more than the limited sexual positions he can offer. It takes months and some prodding for Karen to accept Nick’s offer of hiring a male escort to bring variety back into their bed.

Shaming Mrs Sloan by Alanna Appleton

When Evelyn Sloan is summoned by her late husband’s solicitors, she expects to hear about money and property. But Edward loved his wife enough to leave an unusual codicil to his will, non-compliance with which will lose Evelyn the house and the money. While he lived, he had never been able to cure Evelyn of her superior, haughty manner and disregard for others, but his final bequest is a spanking at the hands of his driver and close friend, Connor Mackie — a man Evelyn regards as attractive, but a mere servant. Will a severe, humiliating spanking change her ways?

Myron’s Reward by Cynthia Lucas

Working as the pianist in a late-night bar isn’t quite what Barb hoped to do for a living. She dreams of being a rock star, but dreams cost money. Then comes the night the bar owner’s son, Myron, makes her an offer she can’t refuse — $50 to look at her breasts. It’s the first step on an encounter that could be very rewarding — for both of them.

The Third Party by Sommer Marsden

Gil and Vivian need the money for a balloon payment. The money that’s been unexpectedly offered to them by a hush-hush sex club. And it has them considering the unthinkable. Or is it so unthinkable? Is there really any harm in an unseen gathering of strangers watching them have sex for money? An invisible third partner in on their marital coupling. Vivian learns that maybe, just maybe, she finds the whole idea of sex for show--and yes, for money--a bit more exhilarating than she’d expected.

Black Swan by Scarlett Blue

It’s amateur try-out night at the strip club, and the girls who are auditioning are nothing special — until the stunningly sexy dancer in the ballet clothes and pointe shoes arrives. What follows is a demonstration of pure female submission and exposure at the hands of the dancer and her ruthlessly dominant partner.

Three’s the Charm by Elizabeth Coldwell

Everyone thinks Tina married Eddie for his money, but that’s not the case, which is why she’s so frustrated when their sex life dries up. When she discovers Eddie has fantasies he’s afraid to ask her to fulfil, they come to an arrangement that means he gets the kinky sex he craves and Tina gets a little something special in return …

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